I stand in darkness seeking benefit from Love. The forecast calls for an outpouring.

I’ll sell every ounce I can save and I’ll sleep soundly ‘till the morning.

It doesn’t matter to me what it cost, as long as it brings me gain.

Let Love abound or let loose the hounds, I just want to catch the rain.

And here we are in sin and weakness, unknowingly lost in pride’s deep maze,

When word reaches that the Light is coming, so we seek a cleft to save.

As Light shines forth and we feel the heat that divides skin and bone

We hear the rush of terrible mass as Blood comes to take us home.

And suddenly between thoughts of self, of preservation and gain,

A thought creeps in amidst the rush – that I no longer feel my pain.

As I drop the vessel meant to keep something free that I would sell,

I notice on my hands the Light’s heat is gone as blood showers me well.

And now I see the light shine down and the smile upon His face

And the grieving bosom of our Fair King that deluges down our grace.

And from my bosom springs pleasures of praise; replacing poisonous vomit.

And I hear myself sing as angels ring this melodious sonnet:

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost but now I’m found

Was blind but now I see”


Mark well O hearer, without confusion, this is how I was saved.

Not by might nor by will, but simply by Heaven’s grace.


Though I sought gain and sinful pleasure, the Lord he died for me.

Though I ran and hid asunder, His grace came mightily.


Now I feel His blessed presence, everywhere I go.

Not an inch, I should pray, should I ever stray from Home.


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