Today, the Senate failed to pass a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Despite the fact that less than 2% of abortions happen after 20 weeks, our elected officials, by and large, refused to ban the procedure should a mother decide the life of her baby is a nuisance too large to bear.

The bill has been presented as necessary because, it is alleged, after 20 weeks babies (or fetuses, as it’s known by those who need to justify abortion) can feel pain. While proponents of this view are well-intended, it is inescapable to realize how dismal the picture is of a society who is willing to recognize the right to life of a human only if that human can feel pain.

Surely, those who are championing this bill would almost always claim that the human in the womb has a right to live simply because he or she is a human being. However, they are forced to resort to more basic and scientific arguments in order to hopefully persuade their pro-abortion counterparts. Today has shown us their hopes are for naught. Even more discouraging is the realization that, should the bill pass, it would only be a matter of time before pro-abortionists would find a way to block the pain the unborn baby feels (or allegedly feels) during an abortion. The point is not pain, but life.

Instead, we heard responses like this one characterizing the attempts of pro-life lawmakers today, “yet another attempt to harm women by criminalizing their health care.” This comment, made by the very liberal Sen. ­Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), is illustrative of the fact that those in favor of abortion have an absolute disregard for life in the womb. The life in the womb is not the issue, say abortionists, it is the “health” of the mother. That word is in quotes because only a pro-abortionist could utter them. To claim that a mother’s health is predicated upon her ability to kill her child is nothing short of idolatrous. Health (meaning the mother’s choice and life-goals) comes before her unborn child, even if that means helping that mother kill her child. That is the definition of idolatry. Your life and your goals above all others and God Himself.

Perhaps the Republicans are right. Perhaps we are witnessing a shift back to a society that is largely against abortion. But for now, that is not the case. This vote was destined to fail and no one was surprised when it did.

What will it take for people to reject the killing of infants? Simply the recognition that infants are not simple fetuses, but real people. That recognition is hard to come by in this country because recognizing it means a loss of independence for those who are soon-to-be parents. Republicans sought to show that fetuses are really humans because they can feel pain. The science is iffy. What is black and white is God’s declaration that all people are made in His image (Genesis 1:27).

The mark of maturity is the willingness to accept reality and adapt to it in order to procure the best possible outcome for oneself and one’s family. In light of the determined resolve of liberals to see unborn babies as health risks if their mothers are inconvenienced, perhaps pro-life advocates should ask What can I do to affect this? Since science seems to fall short in this instance and liberals dead-set on abortion, maybe the only option left is to be openly and honestly willing to adopt the babies who are rejected by their mothers. Maybe then, and maybe only then, will all mothers be willing to let their babies live. If it came down to it and you had the means, would you rather adopt a baby than let the baby’s mother have an abortion?




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