As withered leaves are renewed by the branches to which they cling

And as the barren earth sprouts the flowers of spring,

My soul leaps upward in blossoms of praise,

As the middle of my chest is lit ablaze.


No longer barren, this heart of mine,

No longer cold as coal in a winter mine.

But heat comes out of every vein,

As my life, now changed, proclaims His name.


To what do I owe this newfound life?

Is it discipline, or rigor, or profound insight?

Maybe my mind built a fortress that excludes all doubt;

Maybe it is I who figured all this out.


They always say, “early to bed and early to rise,”

Well, no wonder I have reaped this prize.

Though my soul was once cracked and dry,

My spirit is now lifted as I bear fruit and multiply.


Thank You Lord for tilling the field,

My seeds now bear fruit, no longer concealed.

A great team we make – you and I,

Lawgiver and law keeper, easy as pie.


What’s happened now to the flame in my veins?

It feels as though someone took over the reins.

The flower is gone and the ground is again dry,

Suddenly, laughter is frozen with a cry:


Where O Lord, is your warm touch right now?

What have I done to furrow your brow?

Don’t you see I have grasped what you said?

I have done what you want, so bless my homestead.


Has Spring just turned without a whisper,

And taken up residence in the house of winter?

But I read every day and memorize the words,

I know what you said, backwards and forwards.


Call me unlearned, oh perish the thought,

I’ve studied and learned and even I’ve taught.

To what then do I owe, this state of fragility,

I have it all, except, maybe … humility?


And suddenly I remember wise words once said,

the season isn’t to blame for your wilted stead.

It isn’t Spring or Winter that’s done this all,

But remember, oh remember, “pride comes before a fall.”

Before we can gather even anything small,

We must remember, oh remember, “we are beggars all.”

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