I don’t have secret messages from God. I don’t have super-intellect or a genius IQ. I can’t write like Shakespeare and I struggle to spell as well as a 6th grader.

I won’t be the next John Piper, Francis Chan, or Timothy Keller (if you don’t know those names, think ‘celebrated Christian leader’). I’m not so sure my posts will transcend accidental visits from anonymous people looking for spiritual insight from smarter men than me, and the gracious reviews of my wife.

I’m here to glorify God. Even if my wife and I are the only ones who read these words. If “the very stones would cry out” the praises of our Lord, should we not lift up our voices, even if we are the only humans to hear (Lk 19:40)?

Every now and again, as I sit at the feet of my Lord, I feel an insight placed into my head that couldn’t have originated from my weak ability to reason. Surely, these divinely sent perceptions are muddled by the broken cistern (me) they are placed in, but I feel the need to write them down. Not because I am special and I know so much, but because our God is great and He deserves our constant contemplation.

 The goodness found deep inside the greatness is that this constant contemplation, when done correctly, is our perpetual pleasure. So in short, I do this because I want to do this – I feel like it!


My name is Rob Golding. I live near Columbus Georgia with my beautiful wife Olivia and our two dogs (Brassie and Bruno). I’m in the Army and plan to start seminary at Westminster Theological Seminary early 2018.